Awkward posted 17th Feb 2013, 8:27 PM
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Okay, so you woke up in completely weird place, your house is a mess and your head hurts. At least it couldn't get wors--
You know, nevermind.

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ДОЛЛИ: Упс. (содержательные реплики содержательны, ничего не знаю)

Значит, просыпаешься в совершенно диком месте, дом в руинах, голова болит, просто приходил Сережка поиграли мы немножко, ну по крайней мере хуже уже не бу...
Ладно, проехали.

Капли крови в форме звездочек и дворец-цилиндр - лучшее, что я когда-либо рисовала.

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I'd back away very slowly, and then run.

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So delightfully horrible, that splatter.

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Russian again:
"So you wake up in a completely wild place, a house in ruins, my head hurts just came Seryozhka we played a little bit, well, at least not worse bu ...
Forget it.

A drop of blood in the form of stars and the palace-cylinder - the best I've ever painted."

You're Welcome.

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Didn't see that coming...
Oh... I thought this was going to be an "all ages friendly" webcomic... I guess I was wrong...

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And remeber...
...someone's probably having a worst day than you, so cheer up :D.

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